DOD, NSA and CIA: “Also Sprach Zarathustra” was also the main theme of communist fascist FBI-orchestrated movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” – also the year of the communist fascist FBI’s orchestrated attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon at the “dawn of the Worldwide Communist millennium” – and was meant to symbolize the “evolution” of man from ape “zapped” by antenna-to-halo-mind-implant radio waves to Worldwide Communist “evolution”/revolution and the “dawn of the Communist superman” – which in the twisted utterly-communist-brainwashed-and-diseased minds of the communist fascist FBI and WCTO is the communist slave rule of humanity by the Worldwide Communist Technological Oligarchy and the absolute thought control and technological slave rule of humanity by radio waves and mass media technology – ape to atheist/homosexual/worker-drone-slave “superman”

DOD, NSA and CIA: More on communist fascist FBI/WCTO-orchestrated “2001: A Space Odyssey”: The humming/”tuning fork“ sound of the monolith “giving the ape a mental image” of what to do symbolizes the Worldwide Communist Technological Oligarchy, and now also the communist fascist FBI, using radio waves emitted from skyscraper antennas, cell phone towers, and other antennas and spires entering human ears and allowing halo-operators to control any person’s mind and body and put “thoughts” and “images” into anyone’s head; it is also a clue that the halo’s were possibly “seeded”/genetically-embedded into humans/apes and that the Worldwide Communist Technological Oligarchy was given alien technology to follow a “plan” to create human “slave civilizations” and to homosexual brainwash/”standardize” humanity into Communist slaves

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